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Walking Around Glastonbury
Walking Around Glastonbury
A Tour in a Book​ 

This is the same book as the pocket size edition but larger approximately A4 in size.

This book guides the reader through the town of Glastonbury with routes to the Chalice Well, the White Spring and Glastonbury Tor, also taking you into the beautiful countryside around the town as you walk.

All the walks start either from the top of Glastonbury High Street or by the Town Hall, near to Glastonbury Abbey, taking in the features of the Town Centre at the beginning and end of the walks.

This is just like having your very own Tour Guide with you.  It includes easy to follow routes and beautiful full colour photographs included to help guide you on the way.

This is your ‘Tour in a Book’. The time taken on the walks can be as long or as short as you want to make them, there are plenty of suggested places to sit and view as well as walk. The walks can be lengthened or shortened if you have access to a car, making the walks suitable to your own plans and giving you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Glastonbury and Somerset.

The book also includes suggested walks in the area around Glastonbury where views of Glastonbury Tor can be seen. From places like Brean Down, to Ebbor Gorge and the beautiful Somerset Levels, all within a short distance of Glastonbury. 

Walking Around Glastonbury
Walking Around Glastonbury
(pocket edition) approximately A5 in size


Walking Around Glastonbury, this is the same book as the larger edition but smaller in size, making it easier to fit into a bag when walking. 

Short walks front cover to fit.jpg
Walking Around Glastonbury Tor

Short walks around Glastonbury Tor, also known as the Isle of Avalon.

This book includes easy to follow walks around the area of Glastonbury Tor, taking you onto Glastonbury Tor itself and also the surrounding lanes, giving different views of this beautiful place.  Saving time if you are on a short visit to Glastonbury and giving simple instructions with full colour photographs to guide you around this area.

Glastonbury Tor, the footpaths and lanes immediately surrounding it are beautiful places to walk, changing with the seasons and are a joy to walk around whatever time of year.

Glastonbury Landscapes
Glastonbury Landscapes

Come and explore through photographs, words and poetry Glastonbury and parts of the surrounding area.
Featuring beautiful full colour photographs, descriptions of walking and exploring each place in the book and accompanying poetry to inspire.
Featuring, Glastonbury Tor, The Avalon Orchard, The Avalon Marshes, Coombe Hill Woods, Walton Hill, Deer Leap, Ebbor Gorge, Brean Down and The Isle.
With thoughts and experiences from the Author on feel of place through seasons and time.
Come visit through photography and words - Glastonbury, The Isle of Avalon and places where The Isle can be seen.

Well of Dreams_edited.png

The Well of Dreams

Nestled in the side of a valley below Glastonbury Tor in Glastonbury, Somerset on what is also known as The Isle of Avalon, is a well. A well hidden from view and shielded by trees. Is it a real place, or a place of imagination?
The Well calls, it inspires, it becomes dreams, it is dreams floating through the air, dreams reaching out over the land and enfolding.

This is not only my Well of Dreams but yours. Come discover, come journey, through the Vale of Avalon to the Well of Dreams and Avalon, through verse and full colour image come explore.

With original photographs, and collage images created from some of these photographs, and accompanying verse to create the view that is yours to see.

Inspired by the Chalice Red Well in Glastonbury, Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury (The Isle of Avalon), and the surrounding land.


Walking Around Glastonbury
Walking Around Glastonbury
(pocket edition) approximately A5 in size


Walking Around Glastonbury, this is the same book as the larger edition but smaller in size, making it easier to fit into a bag when walking. 

Glastonbury People front cover.jpg
Meditation book front cover.jpg
Glastonbury Tor Buttercups Notebook
Glastonbury, The Isle of Avalon, The Place and People.

Created over the summer of 2015 this book is a record of  a moment in time.    
Containing full colour photographs and featuring people who live or work in the town of Glastonbury/The Isle of Avalon with their experiences through words of living in this diverse place.
Also featured, full colour day-to-day scenes of the town of Glastonbury. 'Capturing a moment in time'
Isle of Avalon, Meditations from the Land

Through visual images and guided words this book leads you on three meditations from the Isle of Avalon.

If you are a beginner at meditations, or an expert, or somewhere in-between, then this book is for you.   Included are basic instructions and explanations about meditation for those who are starting out, but this book is also suitable for those who already practice meditation as well.  The meditations are suitable for your own use or for using in groups.  With a basic meditation leading onto the three Isle of Avalon meditations this book can be used by all.

There are pages near the back of the book for you to write notes or draw as well after the meditations.

Glastonbury also known as The Isle of Avalon situated in Somerset, England, is a place known throughout the world for the famous Glastonbury Tor and its associated myths and legends. Through the images and words in this book you have the chance through meditation to connect to The Sacred Isle.  This book is for all - those who want to meditate and those who also want to experience and get a glimpse of Glastonbury/The Isle of Avalon.

Notes and Musings journal/blank notebook

This is a 120 page blank notebook for your thoughts and musings. With a full colour front and back cover featuring a collage image of Glastonbury Tor/Avalon Dreaming Buttercups. Each inside page features a black and white collage image of Glastonbury Tor/The Isle of Avalon - Buttercups. With plenty of space for you to write your ideas, or even draw/sketch, on the cream coloured pages.

The book size (approx A5) is ideal to carry around with you. 

Lockdown on the Levels front page.jpg
Lockdown on the Levels

Experiences of daily visits through part of the season on the Avalon Marshes during lockdowns and travel restrictions, giving a glimpse into Lockdown on the Levels. The Avalon Marshes are located near Glastonbury in Somerset, England, and are a nature reserve for wildlife. During lockdowns and travel restrictions and times that are not 'normal' plus staying local the opportunity arose to visit every day for part of the season. Watching the famous starling murmuration, ducks and swans and wildlife, with the challenges of people and cyclists and more, this book gives a glimpse into this area of land during this time.
Handfasting poetry
Handfasting and Wedding Poetry Book

These words are my words, created over time, from experience, feeling and  emotion. They are in random order for you to browse through and get a feel to what calls you. They can be used in wedding and/or handfasting ceremony or a commitment ceremony for two people.

If you have ever struggled for words to express how you feel, or need inspiration, then these words are for you.

Ceremonial Verse Book

With monochrome image and verse under the headings of moon, sun, calling the elements, earth, air, fire and water. This book will inspire, guide and can be used for ceremony.

With easy to read larger text where possible it makes the book easier to use while in ceremony.  Ceremonies may include, rites of passage, elemental, wedding, handfasting, wheel of the year.

For those who don't have time to write their own verse, who need inspiration to write their own, or for sharing, this is the book for you. 

Ideal for your own use or as a gift.  This book is approx A4 in size.

Gwyn front page.jpg
Discovering Gwyn Ap Nudd

This book tells of a journey of discovery. Walking and being called by Gwyn ap Nudd and his energies on ‘The Isle’ of Avalon - Glastonbury Tor. From the first journey when the Goddess called years ago and the challenges that brought, to a more recent calling of the God, duality and exploration.
Through walking the land that is the Isle of Avalon - Glastonbury Tor, in all weather and seasons this book explores the feelings and findings through a physical and spiritual journey.
Featuring beautiful full colour photographic images, verse and words this book will open up a world for you to see.
Lambs full book front cover Aug 18 (Smal
The Lambs of Avalon Tristan and Alfred's Adventures.
The full book - 10 magical chapters.

Tristan and Alfred are two lambs who live in a field by a strange hill, a hill known as Glastonbury Tor or the Isle of Avalon. What adventures will they find living in this magical place? Who will they meet? Tristan and Alfred are two very adventurous lambs who explore the unknown and face challenges on the way.

With Merlin to guide them the Lambs go exploring and taking steps into the unknown, the two Lambs discover magical realms. Come along with them; meet their friends Blodeuwedd, Morgana and others. Discover with them who rides into the magical doorway, who is in the apple orchard, who talks to them and who dances with them plus lots more. With 10 magical tales set in the landscape on and around Glastonbury Tor, this book brings together a love of the land with myth and legend through the tales of The Lambs of Avalon - Tristan and Alfred’s Adventures.

Lambs Tristan and Alfred
The Lambs of Avalon
Tristan and Alfred  - Their First Adventure

The first in the tales of Lambs, Myth and Magic Introducing Tristan and Alfred, two lambs who live in a field by a strange hill, a hill known as Glastonbury Tor.

Tristan and Alfred go exploring from their field onto the strange hill, the hill known as Glastonbury Tor! There they meet something that will guide them and see something that not many get to see.

What adventures will the lambs find living in this magical place?

Come explore with them, hear their tales, read their adventures.

This is the first in the Lambs of Avalon stories, though each story can be read as a standalone tale.

The stories are inspired by the landscape of Glastonbury Tor, the myths and legends surrounding the Isle of Avalon and the Arthurian legends. Illustrated by Steve Madog. Weaving myth, with experience and magic.

Lambs front cover apple orchard_
The Lambs of Avalon
Tristan and the Apple Orchard


In this second adventure of the Lambs of Avalon, Tristan and Alfred go exploring in the apple orchard, near the field where they live. They find a new friend there and see some dancing but not all is as it seems! What mysteries will they find in the apple orchard? Come and explore with them.

Lambs front cover Gog and Magog
The Lambs of Avalon
Tristan and Alfred meet Gog and Magog

The third in the tales of Lambs, Myth and Magick.

Tristan and Alfred are curious, they have heard the names Gog and Magog but don't know who or what they are! Merlin overhears them talking and guides them through the fields and lanes of Glastonbury/The Isle of Avalon so they can discover just who or what Gog and Magog are.

Come along with them, walk with them and discover what they find.

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